Lenient Fashion Ltd.

The Scope of the Company

We are a manufacturer & exporter of a full range of woven and knit garments for Ladies, Men’s, Boys, Girls Kids items etc.

Quality Focused

The management and employees of Lenient Fashion Ltd. dedicatedly work to ensure the quality in A-Z steps of their activity starting from the selecting raw materials through all stages of production to the final finished products.

To ensure quality at all steps, follow the objectives we adhere to:

  • 100% Follow-up customer feedback early.
  • We encourage every employee to suggestions and recommendations to improve our product quality.
  • Quickly reply to customer complaints to build their confidence and satisfaction.
  • Minimizing the downtime for every machine.
  • Ensure timely shipment.
Quality Focused

Lenient fashion Ltd is a woven and knitted fabric garments manufacturing company with a vision to be one of the leading garments exporters in the country of Bangladesh.

To achieve the mission, Lenient Fashion Ltd is committed to:

  • Produce high-quality products by implementing companywide standards.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • On-time delivery to our clients by planning every shipment.
  • To decrease the percentage of rework.
  • Evaluate the suppliers every year.
  • The working environment for the worker is 100% safe and healthy.
  • Quality management system improvement is regular.
Our Social Policy

The Lenient Fashion Ltd. is committed to serving the best human workplace for workers. Our goal is to continuously improve our Human Resources policies and procedures through education, training, communication, and employee involvement.

To that end, Lenient Fashion Ltd. has identified eight areas of importance. The company commits to management review; employees’ open communication, policy development and coordination with the SA 8000 standard to comply with all state/local laws and Industrial/Factory laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to provide a favorable employment environment that respects and understands the needs of its employees.

The company commits to inform all employees of its policy and position on the SA 800 standard. All staff will be made aware of the policy and company statement upon implementation. Going forward all new employees will be trained on SA 8000 in a new employee’s orientation. Periodically throughout the year, the company will reaffirm its commitment to the SA 8000 policy through employee communications such as official notices, demonstrations, and payroll stuffers.

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