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Lenient Fashion LTD is a reliable manufacturer factory. Manufacturing all kinds of Knit & Woven Readymade garments. The company has all modern facilities and follows all international standards. At present factories have 4 knit & 4 woven lines and are producing 308,000pcs of garments per month in his two Units in Satarkul and Notun Bazar, Badda with an area of 18,200sqft building.

Lenient Fashion LTD was established in 2010 with a policy of honest, open, and ethical business pursued by the company. Sustaining long-term business is the motto, rather than short-term gains. The company strives to do business with customers who share a similar philosophy. We believe that the ultimate objective of the company is to make sure the products are acceptable to the ultimate individual consumer. This objective can only be attained through working with the customer’s complete trust, understanding, and cooperation. The philosophy has indeed paid handsomely in terms of going.

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The Lenient Fashion Ltd. has the following facilities for smooth operation:

  • Fire protection system.
  • Sufficient volume of a water reservoir at underground & overhead.
  • Own a standby generator to run the full factory.
  • Quality electrical cable used in MDBS & SDBS.
  • Separate toilets for male & female workers.
  • Sufficient lights are distributed in all the working sections
  • Installing ceiling fans, exhaust fans & large windows provides adequate.
  • Factory premises are always kept neat & clean.
  • We don’t have any child labor.
  • Following the local labor law to ensure all codes of conduct.
  • Always secured by a trained and highly skilled security team.
  • Have one exit & one emergency exit in the facilities & open full time of factory operation.

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